Jacob C. Voller
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History of the Voller Family


Emil Roth emigrated to the United States and setted in Sharon Wisconsin. After his wife, Sophia, died in childbirth, he returned to Germany, and brought back Lena Voeller. They married in Michigan on March 21, 1903.

Ellis Island port of arrival paperwork for Jacob Voller.
Image of the S.S. La Savoie at sea.

Jacob Voller, sister to Lena Voeller, came to the United States on August 14th, 1903 at the age of 23. He entered via Ellis Island (New York City) on the S.S. La Savoie with $35 in cash. His documentation lists him as a farmer and unmarried. He joined his brother-in-law, Emil, in Wisconsin and worked on Emil's farm for a year and half. Next, he went to Chicago to work for a schoolmate, Harry Long, for three months and returned to Wisconsin.

Photo of marriage certificate between Lena Voller and Emil Roth.