8 Software Engineers with Personal Websites

Should software engineers maintain a personal website? Here are 8 examples.

Published by Jacob Voller on July 19, 2023; last updated on July 22, 2023.

In the world of software engineering, the debate over whether software engineers should maintain personal websites has gained momentum. Such websites can serve as a powerful platform for showcasing technical expertise, sharing knowledge through blog posts and tutorials, and establishing a unique online presence. This article aims to present a curated list of software engineers who have embraced personal websites to inspire and inform other software eningeers considering launching their own.

Brittany Chiang | Upstatement, Apple

Robby Leonardi | Fox News

Aaroh Mankad | Plaid, Facebook

Bruno Simon

Szymon Gackowski | callpage.io

Cassidy Williams | Contenda, Netlify

Lynn Fisher

Jason Lengstorf | Netlify, IBM